The story of truth, lies and deceit -by Crucio Girl

Once upon a time, there was a Lie and the Truth. One fine day, the Lie told the Truth “You know, it’s a good day outside. Shall we go for a walk?” The Truth looked out of the window and fairly believed the Lie. She noticed that it was surprisingly a sunny day.

“Yes” she answered.

They started walking along the road when they came across a small lake. The Lie awaiting the opportunity, checked if the water was warm, and then asked the Truth- “The water is warm, shall we go for a swim?

The Truth did not believe the Lie at first, but then, she touched the water by itself and had no doubt about it being warm. “Why not?” the Truth answered back.

They took off their clothes and started swimming in the warm water. They were enjoying the warmth of the water, when, all of a sudden, the Lie got out of the lake, put on Truth’s clothes and got away. The Truth got out of the lake naked and, having no other choice, it started walking embarrassed.

People around it were accepting and having fun with the Lie dressed as the Truth and pointing and criticizing the naked, real Truth.

What’s the point of this?

People like hearing lies which are being presented as the truth, while in reality it’s the complete opposite.  And when they are apprised of the cold, painful truth, they criticize and berate it.

They try to avoid the REAL truth while happily accepting the Lie presented to them.

Ignoring the Truth. Stranded naked, ashore. 

by Crucio Girl

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