You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way

We are all faced with dilemmas in life which requisite tranquility. Irrespective of the decision we make, we are left with subsequent functionaries, whether in positive or negative. Placing us to deal with the result of our choices. 

However, everyone has separate desires, different goals, and aspirations, hopes and circumstances which makes them comfortable. With that being said, I continue with my thankful approach to “SHE” for the three quote nomination. Please make an effort to read through her blog posts. If you haven’t, try visiting “this door is alarmed“. I am sure, the god of coffee (assuming he exists) spends his time flipping through her stories.

In continuation with the “norms and guidelines” from my previous post, I partake that it is quintessential for a person to maintain the zeal, strength and willpower to stand his/her ground while making a decision. Yet, the longer you ponder over the decision you have made, the further you end up aggravating your self-doubts. Despite it not being your mistake or preferred errand, the wall of obstacle is shoved in your face. These obstacles can be in the shape of situation(s), people balking from your behavior, intention(s) or the universe playing against you.

None of you would want to feel the presence of these obstacles in your life, and those who gradually realise you are only being true to yourself and are not shining at the expense of others will appreciate your candor. That being said, I share my second quote of the three quotes challenge:

“You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.”

– Jennifer J. freeman

The aforesaid quote realises the importance of making smart choices. You cannot let yourself be sabotaged by a mere outcome or allow a subsequent event to be the cause of your suffering. You are good enough to attain the goals you set for yourself and have the power to achieve whatever you have focused your mind to. Results cannot define your identity and you cannot let events dictate your life.

If you happen to bum around with the idea of doing something with your life, rather than toying around with the idea and complaining about the same, do something resourceful instead.

Why do you spend your life on the conundrum of self-analysis? Take initiative, set your goal(s) and strive to achieve them. Don’t get discouraged by your failures. Inspire and motivate yourself. Failing a hundred times promises the wisdom of standing back at 101. However, remember, you are smart and intelligent, but you aren’t the only one. What differentiates you also identifies you. Often, the things surrounding you will have them mark their presence in a way oblivious to you. Find people who motivate and have them in your corner. Once you change your view I guarantee the life will change for better. 

Nothing can stop a positive mindset from achieving its goal. Are you indeed smart enough?

by boringbug

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” – J.R.R. Tolkien 

7 responses to “You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way”

  1. A perfect quote indeed. And I think that most of the times it it is us who are standing in our ways in some way or the other.
    Ps: I sincerely hope that, that ‘god of Coffee’ does exist.

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    1. Haha, I am sure “if it has a name then it exists”. :P
      It’s good to be optimistic, however sometimes the situations don’t favour us despite our best efforts. So it’s better to not be that harsh on ourselves. :)

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  2. Beautifully put, and absolutely right. Sometimes you have to act and not just talk or think about acting.

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    1. Rightly put. Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and it’s relevance increases in the present times when all are educated but learned are few.

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  3. That’s an excellent article. We are so very often our worst critics that it’s a very small step into becoming our own worst enemy. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you for your appreciation. I am so glad that you liked it.

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