What is a blog without its readers?

We aren’t all gifted in the art of writing, let alone the ability to express ourselves. Yet, day in and day out we move out to the world aiming to socialize and express our considerate opinions. This involves garnering of dissenting views and building upon them. The said art is never a monologue, and one’s transition from a novice to an apparent bibliosmic incunabula takes immense patience. I am glad to have had the support of such wisdomous people and the privilege to make through this transition, never exacerbating the negatives.


I remember, long before Elon Musk made the word “Boring” cool with his said ventures, I penned down a post titled “the difference between literacy and education” under the sobriquet “boringbug”. This resulted in the cultivation of the present blog under the WordPress umbrella. However, the same hobby came with its period of reluctant inconsistencies owing to professional life. My absence during periods of time and failure to interact with the supportive readers had its impact.

Yet, I was time and again surprised by the blessings and wisdom showered upon by the blogging community. In the moments of solitude to celebrations, it surprisingly became one of the engaging aspects of my free time. Therewith leading me to acknowledge the same and forwarding a thank you note to the readers and subscribers alike. As it is said, “what is a blog without its readers?”

I extend my humble gratitude to everyone out there and my forever indebtedness to the readers of the blog. I am sure none of this would have happened without you. 

Where will it go from here onward? I do not know. What will happen to the precarious hobby? I do not know. The thing that I am certain of, realize and imbibe, is the delight at witnessing the survival of a blog which started with nothingness.



by boringbug

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