What is a blog without its readers?

I extend my humble gratitude to everyone out there and my forever indebtedness to the readers of the blog. I am sure none of this would have happened without you. 

Authors: Stop Selling Short -by Jeyran Main

Today, I wish to talk about something that has been bothering me for a while. Time and time again I notice that books are being sold for as cheap as 99 cents. I am not talking about the used or unwanted books you sometimes see at the entrance of libraries. I am discussing about theContinue reading “Authors: Stop Selling Short -by Jeyran Main”

Why I re-connected to my creative self ?

Creativity is intelligence having fun. It had been years. My creative self, hidden, ignored and dusted, solemnly approached, wandered from one thought to another. Waited in anticipation to be touched upon. Yet, here I laid, disillusioned, content with the course my life was embarking upon. Fooling myself with the belief that this was the focusedContinue reading “Why I re-connected to my creative self ?”