Volleyball and Me! -by Crucio Girl

I first played volleyball a few years back. As I recall this, I realize that at that time I knew nothing about it. Something that I owe to my friends. They wanted me to tag along and kept on insisting. Their persistence managed to convince me. That was my penchant to play volleyball, and I improved every day. 

Soon, a valuable opportunity arose. Our volleyball team needed a leader, and I gave it a shot. I took part in the testing runs.

Voila! They selected me as a leader. And began my adventures. VolleyballPosters008Denim

My responsibilities were plenty. I was trying my best, but for my teammates, togetherness was a bit difficult. Every time we won a match, we congratulated each other and praised our teamwork for the victory. But at the time of defeat, things were different. For at the time of despair who else is to be blamed but the leader. A plethora of attacks came my way. The leader became the sacrificial lamb. Training got hit in the absence of togetherness. Things became difficult too. Co-operation was not the key since they weren’t to be solely blamed. Alas, the leader at times was inconsiderate, too strict by the rule book. Disputes arose, ‘will’ gave in, the losing streak began; despite the will to resign we held on. After all, we were one.

There came a bummer. A health problem arose. My knees began to ache. I couldn’t run or jump anymore. The leader had to forgone her duties, ask her crew to go without her. Despite their protests, it had to be done. For the leader was considerate enough to think of the future of the team. 

I haven’t played volleyball for a while since the aches became serious. The surgeon has advised not to play volleyball again. I, albeit the leader, do miss this sport. For the knees gave away, but the fire didn’t. It burns brighter than ever. The leader will rise someday, and will one day play again.

Advice: Leadership is a plethora of responsibilities. It ain’t for the faint-hearted. 

-by Crucio Girl

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3 responses to “Volleyball and Me! -by Crucio Girl”

  1. Volleyball is a very great sport.
    Keep up brother man.

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    1. Thank you. It’s a guest post by Crucio Girl. I shall convey your message to her.


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