Volleyball and Me! -by Crucio Girl

I first played volleyball a few years back. As I recall this, I realize that at that time I knew nothing about it. Something that I owe to my friends. They wanted me to tag along and kept on insisting. Their persistence managed to convince me. That was my penchant to play volleyball, and I improved every day.  Soon, a valuable opportunity arose. Our volleyball … Continue reading Volleyball and Me! -by Crucio Girl

​The day I met Tony – by Crucio Girl

Some incidents leave a lasting impression on us. While there are some which grant us the wish of a lasting companion in the form anonymity and compassion. The following is one such story of anonymity, finding and compassion: «Oh man! That is so not cool. He shouldn’t have done that to her.» I was watching a movie with a friend of mine. «I know, right? He … Continue reading ​The day I met Tony – by Crucio Girl