Volleyball and Me! -by Crucio Girl

I first played volleyball a few years back. As I recall this, I realize that at that time I knew nothing about it. Something that I owe to my friends. They wanted me to tag along and kept on insisting. Their persistence managed to convince me. That was my penchant to play volleyball, and I improved every day.  Soon, a valuable opportunity arose. Our volleyball … Continue reading Volleyball and Me! -by Crucio Girl

The changing nature of education

In this era of globalisation, the interdependence of nation is not restricted to the competitive paradigm of international trade and commerce. It has the far-reaching impact on the regional, national and intra-national diversity of a country, which includes rapid demographic, social, and economic change. Its influence can be perceived from the constantly evolving social norms, and the concept of education is no different to this … Continue reading The changing nature of education