The Place of Knowledge by Philip Alan Shalka (Book Review)

That Place of KnowledgeThat Place of Knowledge by Philip Shalka

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Place of Knowledge, by Philip Alan Shalka, is a short story which falls under the “fiction” genre. As the name suggests, the story is focused on the author’s quest for knowledge and the resultant gest to learn more. The author along with his dog “Sabre” delves into a hidden world to explore the ancient wisdom of knowledge passed by the Aristotle. Thereafter is the account of his expedition and the saga of learning.

Notwithstanding the introduction and author’s note, the story is prima facie divided into two parts, extending to a total of 28 pages. The story is narrated in nature and keeps dialogues simple and fluent. It never deviates from its focus and takes the reader(s) along into an imaginary world. The core derives from Aristotle’s philosophical context which explores the quest for knowledge. The editing is nearly perfect and the literature is of premium quality.

To the people unaware of Aristotle’s philosophical context, it primarily dwells on the issue of rational thinking, political questions and logical observations. Although a difficult concept to master for people of different age, the author explains it with an utter simplicity. Something which even the genius of minds finds difficult to explain.

Taking a cue from this short story, it is rare to find someone explaining the concept of uniqueness and accomplishing things in one’s own way. The world spun by the author is an interesting place, we just have to look deeper and garner the ability to question things around, be rational and not accept things blindly. The author has rightly explained that simplicity is a form of logic and something that he excels at.

The best thing about the story is its decisiveness in providing insight into the characters, their traits and personalities. Unlike other short stories, it remains true to its genre. I rate this story 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to everyone. The wisdom in these 28 pages is more than something that people garner in their lifetime.


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