The Place of Knowledge by Philip Alan Shalka (Book Review)

That Place of Knowledge by Philip Shalka My rating: 5 of 5 stars The Place of Knowledge, by Philip Alan Shalka, is a short story which falls under the “fiction” genre. As the name suggests, the story is focused on the author’s quest for knowledge and the resultant gest to learn more. The author along…

The Return Of Nokia, Nostalgia and The Love Of The Past

Once upon a time, there was a phone like none other. The Nokia 3310! Don’t get me wrong, there were fancier flip phones and sleeker models, but the original Nokia held its own. With the return of Nokia comes back its nostalgic wonders. The Nokia 3310 was not just a phone, it was a legend….

One Place at a Time, One at a Time -by Jeyran Main

Life is not a destination, it is a journey, and with that, you come across times where you have to make important choices. Many things get thrown at you forcing you to multi-task. In fact, you are praised for doing so. You brag about it, and the people around you nod agreeing with how super…

Are Teletubbies Scary ? They scared the wits out of me.

I was accompanying my niece in her quest to buy stuff toys. Searching through various toys she brought my attention to some: “Mama, can I buy one of those?” She asked. “Of course kiddo, buy any toy of your choice. It’s a gift from your mama” I replied. “Urgh, I am not a kid anymore….