Human History is a Glass Maze

Have you ever wandered around in a glass maze? Lost and assembled in the desire to escape the same, with the sole aim to make an exit. Along the way, there are times when the exit seems right in front of you behind the glass pane, yet you turn, bump into a glass, lose your position and are turned back to the middle of the maze. At times it feels that you are repeating the same section of the maze, barely making any progress, and suddenly you stumble upon the exit as if it was always there waiting for eternity.

The same goes for the history of humankind viz. the human history. It is like a glass maze with a beginning and an end, with us living the paths in between. But does that mean history neither has a process nor a direction? Or does history repeat itself in some stateless sense?

Let us assume for a second that we are standing above a glass maze, clearly seeing all the routes, every pattern. Easily navigating our way out or directing the pursuer towards a proper path and exit.

If history is similar to a glass maze, can we stand above it and observe all its relevant patterns? What historical events are repeating themselves- events with similarities if not identical? Whether Trump is identical to Kim Jong-Un or whether they historically complement each other?

There is a primary similarity between history and a glass maze. They both have a start and an end. In between lies the entire confusion, the reflection of the act, the determining of the progress, discoveries and the sudden occurring. Just like one is lost in the glass maze of its own reflection- stumbling over one pane or the other, the humans in history have faced one blockade over the other, crawling, falling and lagging towards the exit.

In short, history is a controlled process from the beginning to an end, albeit with varied scenarios depending on our actions.

But is history really a maze? If it was then we would have read its patterns, learned and understood that how it repeats. How mass protests go sour? We would have peered into the future controlling and reducing the outcomes if unfavourable.

But history has patterns and so has a glass maze. Don’t they?

-by Boringbug

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