Children, Adults and Miscommunication -by Crucio Girl

Relationships between children and adults can get tensed very often. Wherewith, multiple excuses are usually made by either side. There are times that contrary opinions between them lead to arguments, since nobody has the same belief, judgment and ideas, they differ in their point of views.

In my opinion, the forthwith serious differences between a child and an adult, are the main reasons for most of the arguments. Specifically:

  • Children tend to be way more immature. We all know that children being young, are not as mature, and that adults treat similar situations with more seriousness. Most children are playful and energetic with handful of exceptions found on either side. There are some instances of role exchange wherein children turn out to be more mature for their age whereas adults act like youngest of all. This entanglement gets even more confusing when a mature kid has immature parents. Such settlement often leads to miscommunication(s) and argument(s).

  • Children are more innocent. When children are told anything, they immediately believe it. Grown ups are suspicious about everything, since they have been through a lot and have more experience they tend to look at everything with an eye of doubt.

  • Grown ups are generally more inconsistent. Adults are more stubborn compared to the children. In general, adults hold persuasive abilities over their children. But it’s not that easy to persuade an adult, since they are old enough to have their own imposing thoughts, differing opinion and rationale; something that young people are not old or mature enough to develop.

There are many differing aspects between children and adults. Howsoever, the above three are one of the primary reasons that often leads to misunderstandings and miscommunication between the two opposite representatives of two crumbling eras.

– by Crucio Girl

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