The Missing Chapters From The Book Of Life.

It is winter now. I feel quiet and vivid. The talk I hear seems to be the talk of long ago. Peace. Struggle. And everybody waiting. Is it all only another illusion, a dream from which we never wake? It has been years since those days. There is still something burned out in me from those days. Yes,…

An excerpt from the diary of an introvert

Dawn to dusk I stand staring at the walls. Surrounded by the souls of the hunted and the haunted. Walls and the barricades inbound- home to office, desk to the bed. To and fro I move around. As the sun rises from the east the gloomy faces brighten up with their joyful clinking up of…


  Drenched in the rain, he smelled musty and damp; The scent of the earth, as if petrichor emanating from the memories of the past. -Boringbug

A simple heart

He always carried a doll within, every time he would fall in love,  he would give away his beloved doll  only to see it come back… -(c) Boringbug

Taken for Granted

In the midst of time the pursuit of future thou ignored the anonymity of happiness yet looking beyond taken a’back it was life that took it all for granted. -boringbug

The lazy flower

“Hey, get up!” He didn’t really feel like moving. It was an annoying routine. What was the worth of it? Get up, survive and sleep. Contributing to the world as they call it. “Get up, you weed!” “Yeah, yeah, I am up, you happy?” “You lazy ass, you have one job, just be up!” He…

The Place of Knowledge by Philip Alan Shalka (Book Review)

That Place of Knowledge by Philip Shalka My rating: 5 of 5 stars The Place of Knowledge, by Philip Alan Shalka, is a short story which falls under the “fiction” genre. As the name suggests, the story is focused on the author’s quest for knowledge and the resultant gest to learn more. The author along…

The Dalit vs Maratha pride- Who’s who?

The sirens screamed and so did the night. Vehicles torched, burned and dusted. Thousands marched on to the street to commemorate the 200 year old tinge of historical affair on the eve of a new year. Yes, that was a sight of the Koregaon- Bhima (Maharashtra) violence between the pride of the Marathas “ek Maratha,…

Free behind a Cowl

Miles he has come, Light years yet remain, Filling the aware traveller with disdain.| Standing at the branches, Is a luxury long gone, All that is ahead, Is the blank canvas of mourn. The reciprocity of life, The quid pro quo of the world, And change are the three truths he accepts, For he is…


I am, what I am, for there be or not, I shall remain. – (c) boringbug

एक पत्ता (A leaf)

Many perspectives of innocence, a leaf that flew away. अनेक पहलु नाज़ीज़ के, एक पत्ता जो उड़ चला| -(c) boringbug

A country obsessed with fairness.

“The following article is a rant on a country’s cultural obsession with fair complexion and the forever propelling fairness creams. An instilled commonwealth mind-set ide sync with the concept of beauty. Readers discretion advised.” In between a television advertisement and entertainment- a fair skin model with blond hair walks into an office for an interview….