Self pity is harmful Sticky Post

Stop drowning yourself in self pity

In this metropolitan city, where technological advancement has made life easier than before, there are a considerable number of people drowning in self pity. Those who are often complaining about their underlying failure or lack of access to opportunity. Constantly blaming the poor stars under which they were born. I was the same. Each day I would submit myself to drowsiness. Complaining. Criticising. Full of … Continue reading Stop drowning yourself in self pity

Aerial view of Ladakh Sticky Post

Tale of A Ladakhi Sun

Ladakh tells many a tale. “Julley, welcome to Leh”- a cheerful welcome from smiling native faces greeted us, giving us a realization that this place has a multitude of stories to tell. The Desert Mountains are loaded with fascinating narratives of power and grandness, floating clouds whisper sagas of the glorious past. Unknown roads lead you to many new stories, and the innocence of a … Continue reading Tale of A Ladakhi Sun

When I borrowed money from a beggar!

Originally posted on The boring bug:
If you want to know the true value of money, try borrowing it from a beggar!  As I sit in a cafeteria, gulping down three shots of espresso, I cannot help but recollect an incident. Ever since I came to Delhi, I have seen a surplus in the surprisingly increasing population of beggars. So much for ‘achhe din’, that… Continue reading When I borrowed money from a beggar!