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  • Teeth do not see poverty

    Teeth do not see poverty

    Even when circumstances are dire, people still manage to find something to smile about. This is a quote that I have lived by, but its applicability is what I have had seem to misunderstood. We (humans) are quite unique, precarious but careless, a conundrum of mass. When we have abundant resources at our disposal, we… Read more

  • I need a break!

    I need a break!

    Do you need a break? From what? I need a break,a pause from the magnitude of lifefrom the soreness of soulswandering around,but break from what, you may ask? Breakfrom the smell of nostalgiathat reverberates throughouttingling through the nasalsof memories,but why a break, you may ask? A break from the never ending huntto achieve success,scale never-seen… Read more

  • I went broke in London

    I went broke in London

    Two years ago, I remembered scribbling this sketch in an hour, freezing and battling inner turmoil. As it is said, every drawing has a story behind it; the saying stands true. … It was January 2020. The dark and gloomy night surrounded me as a gusty wind at -2 degrees slapped me hard on the… Read more


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