The Perpetual Traveller

This is an interesting aspect to discover new places. Probably the excitement of something anew. A sense to lose oneself in a world imbibed with magic and mysticism. To lose oneself only to re-discover. The above emotion is what journeyed me throughout the country the last few years. Such is the extent that the thoughts of traveling engages me even during procrastination. I wonder, how … Continue reading The Perpetual Traveller


PING! “Congratulations on your 6 year anniversary achievement with WordPress”. What a delightful way to start this morning! It is after all my sixth year anniversary of having been registered with A long tireless learning curve, that introduced me to this wonderful world of blogging and the mystical world of writers. I logged into WordPress for the first time in 2016, at a time … Continue reading SIX YEARS OF WORDPRESS

The leadership debate

Leaders are often quite consciously aware that in trying to give expression to their personalities, they are attempting to define the identity of their own people. In varying degrees, they try to embody the essential spirit of their personality in their work culture. This little post is to highlight that personality and leadership conflict. The personality problem of leadership is quite complicated. Leaders who like … Continue reading The leadership debate

The Diary of a Loner Continued

Five years back I wrote a piece of heart, from my diary of a loner. Therein, I tried explaining “who is a loner?” Specifically, a loner is a person who happens to be alone and doesn’t associate with other people. It interestingly gathered some attention in the world of blogging. I realised that people assumed the idea of a loner with the idea of someone … Continue reading The Diary of a Loner Continued