I Am Lost In A Metropolitan

As I look around the city, I see abysmal faces. Souls running after nothingness. There are skyscrapers all around, shadowing the sun, the trees, and human desires. The corporate ladders are leading downwards in a spiral while the young minds visibly irate seem lost within. It’s a sorry state of affairs, this metropolitan. A jungle of concrete with no time to spare. Everyday being a do or die for the people in suits. All following a certain path, aiming for an unknown goal. But what’s with the timeness?

I gaze towards the zenith. *A soul brushes past me at the corner*. As I turn around, the shadow seems to dissipate. Leaving behind a sense of hurry.

It feels like time itself abandoned this forsaken place ages ago and the entire city has been living in shambles. A senseless life of its own. No matter which corner you hide into, there is no escaping this monotone.

Crime. Violence. Atrocities. All seen lurking in the shadows.

Source: Pexel

It’s a dilemma here. People from worldwide have settled themselves in hope of comfortable living and yet here they are, waning themselves for an achievement which will further to another. Leading to a never-ending vicious cycle.

*I start panting*.

Extending my stroll to another dusty street, I notice a graffiti. Enshrined with spray painted colours of black and blue, it appeared as a hologram on the wall. “ALL IS NOT LOST“.

A sign? An omen?

Nah. The city is dead. It’s developing beyond the living. The survival of the fittest. *I see another soul running past by, clenching a briefcase, shouting at top of his lungs.* Sigh, the senselessness of time again.

Source: Google

*I reach a hut at the end of the road*. There is a dim light within. A laugh, hysterical enough to give goosebumps to a devil, can be heard outside. I wonder what made humans this miserable? The greed and the want for more, or the inability to suppress their desires. Probably, it was a result of both.

I continue looking out. Somebody who can revive my belief in this city. Not the cliched interest of appeasement, rather one who can absorb the world around. Positivity?

*I find myself standing at an alley*. There is a group of 3 children jumping around. Mosquitoes hovering above. A slight look at them revealed tattered clothes and a dusty skin underneath. Yet their smile, as if content with the offering.

There is that glint in their eyes. A spark of contentment and happiness. In this abysmal city, in a small alley, remains hidden the contended souls.

*I hear their chuckle*.


*ALL IS NOT LOST*. There is still hope.

by Boringbug


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    1. Indeed. Hope keeps us alive, and comments keep the zeal of writing running. :P

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