Veere Di Bachelorette

Bachelorette means time for some craziness for girls. In India especially, as the concept of one last crazy get-away’ with close pals gained popularity, thanks to the movies like the Hangover, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and more recently Veere Di wedding, every bride and groom to be, eagerly look forward to it, more than the wedding itself. Here’s a simple account of a bachelorette, just for fun. 

  1. Planning is one of the most important parts of the bachelorette checklist. We were toying with exotic yet affordable destinations before zeroing down on Phuket precisely 3 months before the bride to be and my closest friend cum roommate left for her hometown. With just 1 month left to the bachelorette weekend and soaring excitement, Phuket was canned. So we chose a secluded yet exotic destination tucked away in the coastal region of Maharashtra, not Goa but Ganpatiphule.



IMG_20181028_140736Since it was the last moment decision, we could not get the rooms in the desired hotel. Two weeks prior to our departure. 2 out of 6 girls backed out for personal reasons; room tariffs were non-refundable, train seats were booked through tatkal on the day of travel to and from the destination. Although the return journey was conformable in sleeper class, it was too tiring.

So, folks, I’d recommend that you opt for overnight train journeys in 3AC.

  1. Exotic Location sets the mood for a bachelorette. We were sure that if not Phuket, the domestic location needed to be equally tranquilizing.

We had been to Goa on multiple occasions and were not very keen on a very commercial trip. Interestingly, Ganpatiphule didn’t disappoint us (don’t go by the name and the hearsay). There was no mad rush, the property was gorgeous, and the view was serene. Clean private beaches, select crowd and endless views of the sea with setting sun, we knew instantly that we had made the right decision.

  1. Dressing up for girls is a key to brighten up weekend getaway. Crowd or not, when with your besties, dress to impress! For shacks, beaches, night parties and early morning walks at the beach, the excitement to wear something new and different from the usual life back in Mumbai is difficult for to pen down!


4. Your closest friend can be your BAE. They say live in the moment, and rightly so. Live that moment with your bae. She needn’t be your best friend or your boyfriend, but is your closest pal and maybe your sister. Your reason is good enough reason for some girlish fun minus the boys!

5. Try something different and sporty! Bachelorettes have been stereotyped by the movies. Dressing up, clubbing, strippers, and shopping is a passé. Try something adventurous, go trekking, water-sports – scuba diving or simple motor boat rides, paragliding and so on. Shed your inhibitions and run around like kids. There will be many occasions for you to try the stereotype after marriage.

  1. Live in the moment, even if nothing goes as planned!! Remember, you were here to have fun. So what if you missed the last bus to Tarkarli and misunderstood the exact timing for water-sports at Aarey-Varey beach? Plan your own pool party at the resort with unlimited music and girl fun. Play water polo instead, show your swimming skills or simply flaunt that well-toned beach body (if any) in your favorite swimsuit, a much-needed practice for the mushy honeymoon trip later!


private pool party with your favorite play list

  1. Re-live, re-connect and re-kindle. It is widely believed that bachelorette is your last single outing with friends, WRONG!! It’s another chance for you to re-live the crazy old times, reconnect with each other and shed your inhibitions with those who don’t and will never judge you. Do it before you get lost into the usual & monotonous work & family affairs, and only reminiscence school/college time once in blue moon.


Lastly, keep in touch with one another after the bachelorette too. You may not have the time to chat or meet every day or even once in a month but make an effort to connect once in 2-3 months. Not just on WhatsApp group but individually.

And no, Facebook does not count.

-by an ordinary girl

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