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Tale of A Ladakhi Sun

Ladakh tells many a tale. “Julley, welcome to Leh”- a cheerful welcome from smiling native faces greeted us, giving us a realization that this place has a multitude of stories to tell. The Desert Mountains are loaded with fascinating narratives of power and grandness, floating clouds whisper sagas of the glorious past. Unknown roads lead you to many new stories, and the innocence of a … Continue reading Tale of A Ladakhi Sun

In the Stillness of Winter, Life Takes a Pause

It was again the time for me to plan a trip to the Himalayas. I am blessed enough to be a resident of Delhi from where a mere 12 hours of drive lands me to the areas of opulent greens, clouds, and the mighty peaks. Watching the first glance of the morning hills becomes an addiction to me, smelling the sweet scent of wildflowers becomes … Continue reading In the Stillness of Winter, Life Takes a Pause

Snow capped mountains

Travellers Outlook – The importance of a city’s history and culture

I have been a traveling buffoon from the day I realised that there’s more to the world than what meets my eye. A zeal instilled in me by my parents, I look for ways to explore the history and culture of the city am traveling to. However you may ask- what’s different in that? For every person travels and explores a place, whether with a … Continue reading Travellers Outlook – The importance of a city’s history and culture

Cuba: An Enchanted Island

Cuba happens to be place stuck in time with miles of white sand beaches, small towns with striking architecture, clear blue water with puffy clouds above and best rum the world that you can taste along with the world’s famous cigars. All this could be enjoyed while driving around in a vintage classic. Very few people have managed to discover this magical island and all … Continue reading Cuba: An Enchanted Island

​The day I met Tony – by Crucio Girl

Some incidents leave a lasting impression on us. While there are some which grant us the wish of a lasting companion in the form anonymity and compassion. The following is one such story of anonymity, finding and compassion: «Oh man! That is so not cool. He shouldn’t have done that to her.» I was watching a movie with a friend of mine. «I know, right? He … Continue reading ​The day I met Tony – by Crucio Girl