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The tower of beheading

Chor Minar or tower of thieves is a 13th century minaret with 225 holes where people were beheaded and put up as exhibits.


How to be productive while traveling?

Being productive while travelling is a good way to utilise your travel time. For me productivity is not just about doing work all the time, its also about learning and experiencing new things.

Veere Di Bachelorette

Bachelorette means time for some craziness for girls. In India especially, as the concept of one last crazy get-away’ with close pals gained popularity, thanks to the movies like the Hangover, […]

India or a land of mystique- What is it exactly?

India boasts of an extraordinaire economic history, where anything you explain about the country, the opposite also stands true.

Moon (चाँद)

उलझा उल्फतो में ऐसा, चाँद कहीं गुम हो गया। Stuck in the thoughts and traverse, moon lost in between. (c)boringbug

A journey back to the city where it all began.

“I Can’t breathe properly” I complained to my father. My skin itching and burning red, rashes developing on my entire body. It was the day I was supposed to travel, meant to […]

When I stepped off the train at a wrong Station

It was in January 2013. I remember it clear as day. I was bound to catch a train from the city of Ahmedabad to Jaipur. To the people unaware of the whereabouts, the […]