Finding grandeur in lackluster

The beauty of overpopulation is that people are available dime a dozen and the people are filtered through measures which used to be a differentiator earlier but is bare minimum today while the accessibility has become tougher. At the same time, the disconnect between the reality and academia has not been bridged. This leads to a somewhat hazy and starry-eyed image of the way things should be in the world.

So there are people who are available dime a dozen after jumping through hoops and getting to the pinnacle, only to crash land and do the most mundane and meagre things more efficiently. This progression takes place with ever-increasing expectations from the society. The first sedative is given in the form of an over-inflated title with matching salary, which makes a switch to a point of interest that much trickier.

“You know what we call hardware sales guys? – Dabba bechne waala (Box Seller)”

This game of magnifying thy own self-continues till you let it grow and it is easy to let it continue. There will be conferences, industry meets and enough settings where you have to overplay yourself.

Now, you may or may not relate to this, but all of us go through this in one form or another. It can be in your career, in your social life, social profile or even in front of your circle.

We are grasping at straws to highlight and glorify ourselves above others because we are now able to see so many people doing well. We are exposed to their highlight reels and seeing it against our reality.

What we fail to realize is that everyone, somewhere, is shining that little feat which means so little in the true scope that it will always be irrelevant, except perhaps to them. It is those people who find what matters to them to eventually have a remote possibility of enduring happiness and content.

Our little bubble of existence needs air and support inside them to survive the bombarding flux of lives and news around us. We need to find what we feel is important to us irrespective of what others feel about it because when you will be all alone, it will be your thoughts that stay, nobody else. It’s you who should matter to yourself because when you are alone, the one rupee given by your grandfather as your first salary holds more meaning than the fat paycheck that others covet.

And what holds meaning for you, will always be there for you, if you let it.

-by Tripping Baboon

I dream of becoming a good writer someday. Ironically, I will judge my quality based on the sales and nothing else, after all, it’s the bestseller that makes the mark. I also dream of becoming attractive and saving the world. Reach me at-

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