Artwork- Why terrorism should be condemned?


Title: Mahatma

Tag: Non- Violence

Form: Sketch

Category: Political 

Tool: 0.2 and 0.8 Micro-Black Point Pen

Date: 15.11.2015

Purpose: To condemn the act(s) of terrorism worldwide, whether individual, private or state sponsored. The author does not believe in the concept religious terrorism but understands the fact that half of the act(s) of terrorism have had their inspirations from private teachings. The author takes an inspiration from the teachings of Mahatma Gandhia a.k.a. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who led the biggest revolt against a colonial empire with the most difficult weapon at his disposal “Non- Violence”.  

Brief: The issue of terrorism is not new. The profound interest of people in religious terrorism made the author introspect and assess why the world had to witness various acts of terrorism over the period of years. Although these acts have been a result of state sponsorship(s), cross-border conflict(s), international feud(s), diplomatic relation(s), private/ personnel agenda(s) and misleading propaganda(s), it is the innocent lives which have dealt with the blows. 

The author is concerned with preventing of the brutalization of human nature. The people who voluntarily undergo a course of suffering raise themselves and the whole lot of community with them, but he also understands that the people, who become brutalized in their desperate efforts to get victory over their opponents or to exploit weaker nations or weaker men, together not only drag themselves down but entire humanity also. It is here that the emphasis lies upon the words of Gandhi “There is no necessary charm about death on the gallows; often such death is easier than a life of drudgery and toil in malarious tracts… I suggest…  that death on the gallows serves the country only when the victim is a spotless lamb“.

The author condemns all the acts which resulted into secret murders and use of unfair methods even for a fair cause. It is as recorded “armed conspiracies against something satanic is like matching Satans against Satan. But since one Satan is one too many for me, I would not multiply him…” He does not regard killing or assassination or terrorism (any act of violence) as good in any circumstances whatsoever. Although Gandhi’s words of wisdom records “the ideas spread quickly when they are nourished with the blood of the martyrs, but the one who dies slowly of jungle fever in service bleeds as certainly as the one on the gallows. And if the one who dies on the gallows is not innocent of another’s blood, he never had ideas that deserved to ripen.

It is necessary for the world to understand that political murder can only harm a country, any country. The pages of history are already soiled red with the blood of those who have fought for a cause ‘whether just or unjust”. We have rarely known of such instances wherein the communities have attained their own without having to go through an incredible measure of travail. The weapons and methods of destruction(s) have been used by the people who are generally considered as the blind lovers of liberty and freedom. These hold no brief for the terrorist(s). 

The author certainly does not believe in armed risings. These are a remedy worse than the disease which are sought to be cured. They are a token of the spirit of revenge, impatience and anger breeding on fear. The method of violence cannot do good in the long run. He objects to violence because, when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.

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