Why weakening an educational institute would harm a society?

There are a few institutions of higher education in India, wherewith only a handful of them nurture talent and produce research of global recognition. When institutions of quality learning and research are scarce, would it be justified on restricting the entry in them? Or would it be justified to consider reducing the number of admission to these students?

It is trite to say that we need improved ways to contribute to the interest of higher education and research in this country. Irrespective of the need,  the educational institutes are closing doors upon the young talents seeking opportunities to study and pursue research and education.

Crises are not uncommon to our educational institutes, and invariably they occur when universities forfeit autonomy, willingly or otherwise. The institutions decline when they desist from making use of the space and opportunity, keeping in mind their history, needs, and capacities. The conditions of these institutions worsen when they are treated merely as manufacturing unit where numbers matter the most.

These institutions have to be conceived as a place of research and the courses have to be designed and teaching has to be distributed in a manner which leaves room for flexibility. But when the history and capacity are ignored and numbers become the only criterion, we are confronted with a situation wherein restricted seats are available for fresh entrants.

We primarily require well spelt out rules to ensure that basic rights of different communities are preserved and to ensure that the admissions are fair and transparent, while grievances of concerned parties are addressed. Albeit, over-centralisation and standardisation are not conducive to the original and creative research.

At a time when the nation is busy with elections, an apparent neglect or indifference towards the centre of educational institutions can weaken and harm our society.


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7 responses to “Why weakening an educational institute would harm a society?”

  1. Hmm… I should send this to the management but the thing is, they are money-minded. I’m sure they would ask me after seeing this, “What are we getting from it?”
    That’s why I recommend people for independent projects.
    By the way, great thoughts.
    Stay happy.

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    1. Haha, try sending it to the central government. Would love to have their reply on record. :P

      Thank you taking your time out and commenting.

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    2. Haha… Actually, I’m not against the system. I’m against their methods. And no government can change the method. It’s us. And one day, it will be changed.
      And you’re welcome.
      Take care.

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    3. Haha, it’s never the fight against the system but the struggle against the regime running that system.
      Yep, someday that too shall be changed. :)

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    4. No worries. That day isn’t so far. Trust me. Live well.

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