What is your mirror reflection telling you?

Connecting with others is an excellent way to learn the importance of life. To understand what your inner-self is trying to teach you, to look from the perspective of others and to be in ‘awe’ of the wonderful journey called life.

To understand the above perspective is “what is your mirror reflection telling you” about.

This is a challenging task as it brings the focus back to you, rather than keeping it on the people or circumstances outside of you. This isn’t always easy, and sometimes we are not up for this kind of self-reflection, but this is what accelerates the growth and success. It all starts with the blank.

The people we relate with reflect back at us the things we need to know about ourselves, especially if they’ve triggered a small reaction in us. Often this mirror reflection’ shows us the very thing we need to change or heal in ourselves rather than blaming others and expecting them to change. It tells us to look within, rather than without.

For example:

I remember a time when I was working with my friends when we started discussing the poor attitude of our colleagues and notably of one of our ‘teacher’. It was somewhat a legitimate concern, yet what struck me was that our attitude was somewhat similar to the colleagues we were discussing about. What we all failed to realize was that we were reflecting back the same behaviour that was being thrown at us.

What mattered to me was to look into the mirror, and make a change within myself first. The question that stood before me was “whether I am up for the challenge to do so?” It is so much easier to look externally and say that people have to or need to change, rather than taking personal responsibility to bring a change in ourselves first.

It was sometime back when a friend of mine was in a tiff with one of his colleagues (notably his/her proclaimed partner). She/he kept complaining about how the ‘colleague’ made him/her mad. Rather than focusing on what the colleague was doing, I pondered upon a question as to “why she/he kept having such strong emotional reaction to this (wo)man?”

Usually, when there is a strong and lot(s) of emotional charge around an interaction, it has to do with something from the past, rather than the person is present. The colleague was actually a reflection of something that he/she needed to learn. It is a common phenomenon, that the more you battle the past, more difficult your present becomes. I decided to embrace my past with open arms and my present became stable.

This soul-searching is enough of a realization that “our current experiences are what we make them up to be”.

“What my mirror reflection is telling me?” It’s telling us to accelerate our growth, to achieve the feat of self-realization.  After all, it takes courage to look back at ourselves to see what needs to be changed.

For when we want any other person to change or we react strongly to a situation, we need to tell ourselves this “I can’t accept everyone with an open arm, but I can definitely embrace myself with change“. After all, that is what “what is your mirror reflection telling you?” about!

-by boringbug


8 responses to “What is your mirror reflection telling you?”

  1. Loved how you brought the mirror into this. So often we want to think about what might be wrong because of external things when the truth is we need to look ourselves in the eye. nice post.

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    1. You are right. There are times when we need to introspect and mirror appears to be the perfect metaphor for self inspection.
      Thank you :)

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  2. “The more you battle the past, more difficult your present becomes”
    I love this ☺️ I love the whole post. Thank you for sharing ❤️

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    1. We cannot accept everyone with open arms, but we can definitely embrace ourselves with change. The same stands true for our past.

      Thank you for reading. I am happy that you liked it. :)

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    2. Totally agree, I’m happy you shared this ☺️ Keep blogging.

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