A piece of mind (Shout Out)

You have ever had this everlasting feeling of being stuck between a devil and a deep sea. A series of incidents and circumstances where you feel damned if you do and damned if you don’t. A sense of being lost or being driven to a whirlwind ride destined to a place full of responsibilities you didn’t know existed.

The feeling of being dragged into nightmares resulting in sleepless nights. Nights, which do not distinguish between reality and dreams, skidding from one to another; unable to distinguish between the two?

Wishing, you could find an escape route. A way out of the reality. A way out of the never-ending circus!

Fantasising about a rescuer, who would swoop in and change it all for you. Falling upon the belief that everything would be done “If only…”

Day in and day out, turning the problem over-&-over in your mind, without realising that we are but old and wise enough, to know that what rarely happens.

You have to do everything but
do nothing at the same time;

Yet make a tough decision,
which involves a mere sacrifice.

And in the process, lose a piece of mind. 



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