Why I re-connected to my creative self ?

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

It had been years. My creative self, hidden, ignored and dusted, solemnly approached, wandered from one thought to another. Waited in anticipation to be touched upon. Yet, here I laid, disillusioned, content with the course my life was embarking upon. Fooling myself with the belief that this was the focused me, aiming to reach for the skies.


Cometh summer, and I entered the university. A jolly good, breezy introvert drafted to a different city. Yet, a gnawing feeling continued filling the pit of my stomach. The feeling of emptiness, something amiss. A feeling of something I was supposed to be doing, not sure of what it was.

One month to another, hundreds of books and a notebook full of doodles later. I remained disillusioned, ignorant of the spark that remained absent.


*BOOM!* a voice woke me up in the library. 

“Did you make this up?” asked the nerdy librarian, pointing at her caricature that laid on the table. Gleefully, I admitted to the fact, looked at her and said:

“Thank you, miss! Thank you!”


In the seriousness of my thoughts, I had reconnected with my creative self. I knew what I was missing. The spark of creativity, the hobbies that I had blatantly ignored, tortured for attention. The sole form of expressive self, my real self. Re-vigour and re-energised I had found what I was missing. The absence of which reflected in my life graph.

What I was missing were the passionate hobbies, that I had, the natural skills and talents that I possessed. The thing that defined me. Creativity!


Creativity is a gift imbibed in each and every one of us. When we cut off ourselves from that gift we temporarily suppress our joy and expressive self. Discovering the creativity that we are missing can move us in directions that we might never have thought of. Rather than the masterpiece, go for the joy of creativity i.e. our creative self.

-by boringbug

17 thoughts on “Why I re-connected to my creative self ?

    1. Thank you so much. :)
      In the struggle for success we fail to realise our innate happiness. That comes from our creative self, the things that we like doing the most.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. It is very important for us to be connected to our creative side and I am glad that you are able to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right. It is indeed important for us to be connected to our creative sides. This can also be achieved by not letting go of our hobbies.
      Thank you for passing by. Hope to see you here again. :)

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