The battle of thoughts: right against the wrong ones – by Crucio Girl

I am at a constant war with myself, but this was different. As I looked at it…

«No, Crucio, don’t do it. It’s wrong, and you know that. »

«Why shouldn’t I? It’s not that bad.» replied my subconscious.

«Don’t dare to do this. Think of the consequences

«Nothing special will happen.»

«Listen, life is very valuable, you shouldn’t spoil it. Once you do that, you are done. There is no going back.»

«I don’t care. I’m doing it.»

«No! Ok, think of the reactions of your loved ones


«Think of your parents


«Of your family


«Of your friends, your teachers


«Of yourself

«Enough! This is fucking stupid! Aren’t you over reacting?! My life won’t get spoiled by a little pill! I can control myself! And yes, I know that you are sure that I will become a drug addict! For fuck’s sake, NOPE! I will NOT!

«I guess I can’t change your mind now. But think of these people that I mentioned before.»

«What about them?»

«Imagine their reactions

«They will never learn about this.»

«Hmm, really? That’s bullshit.»

«Some of them may do. But not all of them.»

«Why are you such a person? You want to break their hearts

«Shut up. I won’t. I hope. Stop talking about others. You are trying to fool me! This decision is all mine!»

«Do you believe so? Think. You are  about  to do something stupid.»

«Enough. I heard enough bullshit.

That moment when you realise that the other side of you was correct and you were totally wrong…

-by Crucio Girl

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