Artwork: The Figure

The Figure (21.04.2014) (c)boringbug

Title: The Figure

Form: Sketch

Tool: 0.5 Bue Ball Point Pen

Date: 21.04.2014

The Purpose of Sketch: The artist found some words gibbered in one of his notes. Taking cue from the stray lines and the spilled ink, sitting in middle of a political science lecture, the artist decided to make something out of it. He started with the wheel which happens to have 24 spokes inside it. The wheel took a turn and got attached to a bi-cycle. Since, the discussion in the class was on the 18th Century and the Age of Improvement, the artist ended up giving the sketch a historical image. This can be observed from bi-cycle, the shadowy figure (with hat), the barrels and the background.

Brief: The image depicts the daily-life of a ‘figure’. The shadowy figure is observed only with its hat. It denotes a common figure which is invisible to the world. A man’s routine. Starting for work, reaching his work-site, returning from it and ending up home. Invisible to the world throughout. The barrels have two purposes: (1) To denote stored items, which might be- wine, oil, food etc. (2) and to instill a feel of the time passing by.

The Bi-cycle denotes the cyclical aspects of life. If you observe carefully, there’s no chain or paddle drawn on it. Life and time waits for none- it cycles on. With paddle or without a paddle. The presence of the handle depicts – It’s upon the person to direct where he wants to direct his life to. Another major aspect, is the presence of the 24 spokes in the wheel. Apart from denoting the 24 hours of a day, the first 12 spokes represent 12 stages of suffering, next 12 spokes represent “no cause no effect”.

The plants in the background denote greenery and the vibrant aspect of nature.Whereas, the door and the window depict the outlook. The most fascinating aspect is the puddle of mud. It can be interpreted in various ways. To some it looks like a mud puddle , to some extent it resembles water/ wine leaking out of the barrels, and to some it resembles a figure stuck in sand.

The creation is a blank result of accumulated thoughts. It is not a planned sketch. The artist has merely poured into it what was in his mind. Although not a clean image, a lot has been hidden- all waiting to be explored and interpreted.


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