Life is a subliminal bliss

There is a meaning to life. This is what the majority of us believe or want to believe. A conscious stream of thoughts where we want to perceive and reflect on the happening of events. Assuming that every event leads to a common destination. An endpoint of no return. However, is this what subliminal has in store for us?

A journey of life, eternity of events, aligning one after another to formulate a path for us to walk upon, without us even realizing that every conscious action marks an unconscious effect. Leaving a trail of thoughts for others to walk upon or learn from. Isn’t that what experience is all about? To live life to the fullest and believe that every event has an impact that shapes and molds us into what we are.

The journey is full of emotions, or as I like to say “crests and troughs”, the ups and downs, happiness and sadness. The sadness of losing out on something and the happiness of having it happen, this is what our subliminal thoughts are made of. The very fact that something has happened. Something which is identified by the “it” factor, for that it factor is a blessing in disguise.

We all interact with numerous beings in our lifetime- realistically, virtually or categorically. The action and reaction that binds us to an effect are often reflected in the form of our dreams. Where our brain puts a conscious choice to a subconscious effect. Tracing the events down memory lane and mingling it up with a piece of memory we did not even remember having before. Is it not fascinating that events which we do not remember happening have a deep impact on us?

Let me re-route my thoughts through a different example. You had someone whom you lost, maybe a relationship, a companionship, friendship, or a confidante. Yet years later down the road a random memory fickles in your mind and makes you smile. Invariably it evokes a chain of emotions, negative or positive, each leading you towards a set of rational or irrational conclusions. What you realize from it is what you conclude and learn from i.e. positive or negative experiences dictating your present.

So even if that person is not there with you, or that cause of an event is a thing of the past, that very experience that has molded you into what you are is still impacting your chain of thoughts. Incredibly giving you the power to decide which one to choose from. Positive or negative, it is you who decides your chain of thoughts.

So next time when someone tells you that “Life is a bliss”, look them in their eyes and tell them “Yes it is, but a subliminal bliss”.

by boringbug

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2 responses to “Life is a subliminal bliss”

  1. Thank you for writing these beautiful words. It’s exactly what I needed to hear today.

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    1. Am glad that I was able to make someone smile today. Hope you have an amazing weekend ahead. :)

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