A Touch Of Darkness

It isn’t always that I post about demons or negativity. In fact, my write-ups barely consist of a tone of darkness. Neither do I post or write to cater to any specific set of audience, nor do I intend to please a set of belief. It is a constant battle to challenge my innate thoughts, to embrace cultures and ideologies I haven’t had the privilege of witnessing at a young age.

This thought, paramount to my inner discourse, shapes up in words which I scribble through this blog. It might be an experience, a vision, explanation or creativity inbound, but indeed a reflection of me in one way or another. Wrong or right, but it is primarily the ability to accept myself, difficult at first but easier to process once you flow along. It’s:

A touch of tone,
and a shade of darkness,
vision on the light
as we make our way
through the mundane
called life.

For the journey through the mundane has its own reflection to it. The idea of vision herein, however, remains unbaked if it does not reciprocate with change and is not receptive to newness. The road to light remains dark until we open our mind and do away with the qualms. It took me a decade to stop adhering to people’s belief, in fact, to stop pleasing people around and open up to myself more. It did classify me as rude and stubborn at times but I realised that positivity comes naturally, the perception however differs. Thus, I:

Walked along a path
different to none
thousands along
changed a course
believe not
found none.

We might be lost in these trying times, probably reflecting our choices, but it all works as long as we remain honest to ourselves with a sense of conviction. Continuing our lives with the pleasure of seeking inspiration, for I have specifically been guided by people I never expected would extend a thought along, inclusive of strangers whom I might never meet again. It is this hope that helps us escape the darkness we are shrouded in. The prospective of improving, the probability of changing and adapting. 

If you haven’t experienced inspiration yet, how about starting from yourself? how about looking into the mirror?

After all, you are the inspiration you need.

by boringbug

2 responses to “A Touch Of Darkness”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I guess I am reading too much about darkness, around everywhere. Byt inspiration, hopefully will keep finding its way, or vice versa.

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    1. I am glad. People have been circulating such negative news that it has become claustrophobic to even assume any post covid-19 scenario.

      It’s just about smiling and living, either this way or that.

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