Alcohol and Steroids in UK: to be or not to be

Everyone who dared to take steroids sooner or later wondered if the drugs were compatible with alcoholic beverages. For some it is a matter of life and death, for others it is a matter of principle that they refuse to drink alcohol by taking steroids. The rest of them clearly know what they want and do not change into little things, but go to their intended purpose.

Before convincing you that alcohol is evil, we would like to ask you: why did you start taking anabolic steroids?

Steroid 1

Well, let’s say one of them:

  • In order to achieve good results in sports;
  • Because I want to be strong and attractive;
  • For others to realize that I’m really cool;

Just because I’m bored. After all, many people accept them, so why shouldn’t I try?

That’s the root of the problem and the solution. Depending on what your goals are, priorities will be set in your life in a certain way.

Do you want to look good and “pump” your body with quality? Perfect! Then why do you need alcohol? Your goal is for your body to assimilate all the drugs you “pour” into it. So why prevent it from happening? Isn’t it better to help your body, which without alcohol is under stress and shock from everything you do with it? Training, proper nutrition and healthy sleep – here is a list of those helpers that you should address. Do you see alcohol on this list? And cigarettes? That’s right.

Now back to another possible reason for your steroid intake UK steroids shop. Is there anything you want to prove to anyone? Are you taking them to impress people around you? It’s not bad. But a wise man once said, “a modern man drinks for another man.” We’re trying to fit into the company, and in order to fit in as much as possible, we’re doing tricks. But if you are ready to sacrifice your health in terms of drinking to gain authority, you should be called a weak person. As a rule, such people do everything not for themselves, but for outsiders. It is very easy to lose yourself and your “I” in such a situation. It’s the same with steroids. If you aim to gain the trust or goodwill of others – it is an imaginary pleasure. As soon as your priorities shift, you lose interest in everything. It is very important in life to clearly define positions and positions. And if you take the right position, no one will ever put you in an uncomfortable position. This is the law of life, and you need to reconsider your life approach.

steroid 2

It’s all great. We identify the reason why we take steroids, but we can’t find an explanation for why it’s not desirable to take alcohol during a steroid course. And here we will be helped by undeniable facts collected from all the “corners” of athletes’ experience.

When you drink medication, no matter what it is, you put your body under extreme stress. Drinking alcohol is double stress on the body. By taking steroids, your body wants them to work as efficiently and effectively as possible for the benefit of your body. And alcohol makes your body take two steps back. And the effect isn’t what you want it to be. Steroids are pharmacology. They include components that, in interaction with alcohol, can cause negative reactions.

Fact number two. When you take a sports “pharmacy”, you force them into a certain reaction with your body. If you add alcohol to this “compote”, the consequences can be the most unexpected.

Here is a shortlist of what can happen:

  • The liver will be damaged;
  • Jaundice may develop;
  • There’s gonna be increased pressure in the arteries;
  • For a few days, body temperature will rise by a couple of degrees.

Moment number three is physical activity. You take steroids and are likely to increase their effectiveness by exercising in the gym. If you intend to drink alcohol at the same time, you may not get good results. As a result, your weight gain will be slow and insignificant. So why should you “throw” stress on your body for nothing?

Yes, experts are very categorical in this matter. But no one cancelled a glass of good wine on a solemn day, for example. You need to know the measure of everything. And, of course, the right prioritization. Then you don’t have to choose, everything will happen at the call of the heart.


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