I hurried through one corridor after another.

Looking for a stairway.

“It would be fun to be lost, as other people were ” I thought!

I knew of course, that I could not be, even for a moment. But I was still having trouble finding a stairway that would take me up. “Perhaps I would never find one, and I would have to wander for days. People would have to come looking for me. I would starve, grow thin and perhaps be forced to send a message by tapping on one of the walls.”
It felt nice to think about it.

At last! I came to a small flight of steps, which led not up but down to a pair of double doors.

A sound, cacophony, clanging and echoing. I descended and pushed the doors open…

“I woke up” !!! 



Posted by The Boring Bug

A paperback in the world of kindle, boringbug is a reluctant blogger, a sketch artist by hobby and a lawyer. The blog www.boringbug.com is a part reflection of his experiences, dialogues and opinions. If you appreciate his writing, you can reach him out on Instagram (@theboringbug) or Twitter (@boringbug).


  1. What if you were really lost?
    This simple post kept reminding me of the movie Trapped. I am pretty sure you are not in the situation. ;-)

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    1. Haha, then that would be equivalent to a prolonged unconsciousness.

      P.S. I was more eager to explore what was beyond that gate.

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    2. Then are we expecting a sequel to this post?

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    3. Haha, until and unless I dream of the sequel, it seems doubtful. :P

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    4. Oh, then please do go off to sleep, right away :-p I am hoping you dream the sequel, or at least let your mind wander over the sequel. :-D

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    5. Haha, I would avoid dreaming of a sequel in the present times. My mindset will churn any dream into a political discourse.
      Contribute the same to the fact that I finished watching a horror movie. 😅

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  2. Sleek, simple and adorable and of course the end was nice!

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