A Dream

I hurried through one corridor after another.

Looking for a stairway.

“It would be fun to be lost, as other people were ” I thought!

I knew of course, that I could not be, even for a moment. But I was still having trouble finding a stairway that would take me up. “Perhaps I would never find one, and I would have to wander for days. People would have to come looking for me. I would starve, grow thin and perhaps be forced to send a message by tapping on one of the walls.”
It felt nice to think about it.

At last! I came to a small flight of steps, which led not up but down to a pair of double doors.

A sound, cacophony, clanging and echoing. I descended and pushed the doors open…

“I woke up” !!! 


11 responses to “A Dream”

  1. What if you were really lost?
    This simple post kept reminding me of the movie Trapped. I am pretty sure you are not in the situation. ;-)

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    1. Haha, then that would be equivalent to a prolonged unconsciousness.

      P.S. I was more eager to explore what was beyond that gate.

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    2. Then are we expecting a sequel to this post?

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    3. Haha, until and unless I dream of the sequel, it seems doubtful. :P

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    4. Oh, then please do go off to sleep, right away :-p I am hoping you dream the sequel, or at least let your mind wander over the sequel. :-D

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    5. Haha, I would avoid dreaming of a sequel in the present times. My mindset will churn any dream into a political discourse.
      Contribute the same to the fact that I finished watching a horror movie. 😅

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  2. Sleek, simple and adorable and of course the end was nice!

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