ख्वाब (Dreams)

I walk this road,
with some dreams of mine,
some strange,
some unknown,
some bestowed upon me.

चलता हूँ राहों पे
कुछ ख्वाब लिए,
कुछ अजनबी
कुछ अनजान
कुछ ख़ास लिए .

– (c) Boringbug

7 responses to “ख्वाब (Dreams)”

  1. jisko marji le le ham khwabon par apna hak hai…..bahut khub.

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  2. Kaunsey gaaney se hai yeh? Kya apney yeh apney aap likha hai?

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    1. I wrote it some years back! :)

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    2. Wow! You are so talented

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  3. phir maine dekha ki,
    main nhi khwab chal raha tha.

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    1. ख्वाब में ही भला,
      दो कदम चला तो सही|

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