The Rainmaker- (c) Boringbug

People and relationships.
Dependency. Addiction.

Causes and concerns.
Innate doubts’

breeding fears.
Day in, day out.
Ten to nine, nine to ten.
Wasting our precious

time and life.

Hoping miracle.
praying for angelic intervention.

But why?


Posted by The Boring Bug

A paperback in the world of kindle, boringbug is a reluctant blogger, a sketch artist by hobby and a lawyer. The blog is a part reflection of his experiences, dialogues and opinions. If you appreciate his writing, you can reach him out on Instagram (@theboringbug) or Twitter (@boringbug).


  1. For some reason this sketch brings Jack the Ripper to mind for me. It may be the hat. It’s beautiful though.

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Ah, that would make it more mysterious though. Thank you, you just made the sketch look more beautiful. :)


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