Mind and The Radio Analogy

I happened to read an interesting piece of philosophy. As the time passed by with the dawn of the spring, it turned into an analogy between the mechanistic view and radio. Yep, a radio from the era gone by.

To the younger generations who have been deprived of the charm of a radio, it is a mechanistic system which when in a working order and correctly set up, tunes into events from the outside. The analogy denotes that every materialistic thing can be explained in terms of the mechanism of a radio.

For example, if we were to take the radio to a primitive tribe anywhere in the world and play the radio to them, they might well think that the voices they are hearing were coming from the radio itself. They would even prove their belief because the moment the radio piece stops functioning or would be switched off, the voice would stop, and as soon as the radio was repaired or switched on’ the voices would be heard again. So it would be easy to state that the voices in our mind i.e. the subconscious thoughts could be explained in terms of the radio mechanism.

The signal giving rise to the voices through the radio come from outside and are of a different order to that of the radio set. Similarly, in the evolutionary process of humankind, there is a mechanistic aspect of the matter which works similarly like a radio. 

In the mechanistic model of the universe, for instance, the human brain receives subconscious thoughts in form of waves. This is reflective of the fact that at times we receive ideas out of the blue. It is when humankind stops receiving these thoughts inter alia the transmissions into the subconscious, the brain fails and the mind stops acting.

But that does not mean that the mind can be reduced to the brain or unassumingly to the remainder to what happens inside the radio mechanism. Nor does it mean that there are mind controlling radio waves or mindbender radio in play.

The radio waves giving rise to the sound can be described as organised matter, wherein each different kind of matter tunes in as to its own particular field. As the matter develops into organism it begins to resonate to a certain field, and the more that organism follows that certain path the more it becomes habituated and goes on developing within that field to its final form. It is here that thoughts come within the consciousness of the human brain and develops into the mind. This is how the human mind develops and evolution takes place.

Although, I believe this idea to be full of flaws, but one still wonders what that original source is from where all thoughts arise in the human consciousness. The source that makes a human one with the universe.

Wonder… on one hand, there is energy- matter which is unstructured, on the other there is form’ which is the principle structure of the universe, and then there is the human mind viz. our radio.

-by Boringbug


3 responses to “Mind and The Radio Analogy”

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  2. A good theory indeed, to some extent logical also. You never know someday science would even prove this.

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    1. I missed out on your comment. That too for 2 years.
      Haha, well you may never know what philosophy has to offer, and science has to discover.


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