The Spirit of Music

Music started as a chant with rhythm and gradually developed into a form of personality. It was a medium to convey a person’s thought on the meanings of life and capture them as a song. Being able to combine these words with the soothing rhythm of instruments is a talent very few are able to bring to the top.

In the eternities of eras viz. different time periods, different spaces of techniques came into existence inter alia different instruments developed through ages. These consisted of ways to inspire people. Once developed, none could match the likes of classical music and folklore. Albeit, going through such music and the consisting lyrics helps in identifying the varying messages hidden in the lore of history.

In furtherance of the above, going through the music allows the opportunity to see something beyond yourself. The lyrics provide us with the logic related to its evolution, whereas, the music delves us into the emotion it was moulded upon.

Some of us might argue that music has no use and that music does not give us as much entertainment and information as artists wish to believe. But this is simply not true. Music gives us what actors can never imagine conveying- the emotions, reflection and the mood of the entire conversation or scenario. It gives us purpose and meaning to things where facial expressions fail. It is about how people feel stuck to a piece of music, unable to move beyond it. A music or the melody that brightens people up. Seeing how a piece of music delves the listener to an entirely different era is nothing less than a marvel.

-by Boringbug

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