The attempts to conquer fear

“Hurry, take the stairs and get back into the cabin.” instructed the captain coming out onto the deck. The clouds thundered at a distance as a family of five made its way towards the center of the ship. The voluminous waves hit the deck and shook the ship sideways.

It was the year 2003. He was traveling with his family on a cruise towards coral islands in south china sea. As delighted he was, it was a never before experience outside India and the first ever at sea. All excited with the prospect of scuba diving and snorkeling, he braved the waves and enjoyed the weather. It wasn’t until the storm that a fear crept in.

Oh, he knew how to swim. Well enough to compete but yet got struck by thalassophobia ‘the fear of sea’.

It has been 13 years since then. He has had major encounters with the sea. Major attempts at conquering fear. Face first he has hit the beach aiming to conquer his fear, all in all, resulting failure.

Despite the fact that he has failed multiple times, he knows no art of giving up. It may not be, but it will be. If not today then tomorrow, he will shine and succeed.

After all, he fears the sea, not the prospect of fear itself.


10 responses to “The attempts to conquer fear”

  1. Hamster Monster

    The sea is a scary place to be thought of. Despite the fact that it is even scary, attempting to overcome it. He is do brave !

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    1. Thank you for the complement. Hopefully he will overcome his fear someday.


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  3. great stuff! i feel imagination can be the primary factor behind our biggest fears.

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    1. Indeed. I feel the same. The fear of something which is a mere probability restricts us from acting upon it.

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  4. a great read..thanx for sharing

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  5. I’d be interested in knowing how he conquers his fear one day.

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    1. Although, he comes from a desert.
      He is quite close to achieving that feat. Last time he jumped into a river. Albeit, the sea remains. :)

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    2. Small steps lead to big changes.

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