Is what you WANT what you Need? -by Jeyran Main

There are times in life where you sit and wonder about the things that you really want in life. I am talking about the important things such as, choosing a partner, picking a university or a college to go to, getting married, picking a career, choosing your friends and who you hang out with.

Then you have the urge of feeling that you need certain things, such as needing a phone or a computer, house to live in, food to eat and a car to drive.

Are these two matters the same? Do you feel that whatever you want is in actual fact what you need? I may have your attention now.


We as humans are complex beings. There can be times where what we actually want is mentally stimulating us so much that we believe it is what we need. Your brain sends strong signals to suggest your dependence on the matter causing you to fight for the thing you most certainly do not need but feel you want.

How many things in your life are things you really need? Most commonly, sentimental things are what you really need, and the material ones are what you want. Having a home or a phone or food to eat can then become the gray area, as they can be both. Having said that, many live without phones and homes and still survive. The objection they may arise, in alarming us to then ponder the following: Has our modern life taken control over our needs and wants? The answer is yes. We are so over indulged in our day-to-day lives that we forget at times, what really matters most. We replace the immediate pleasure, with the longer-lasting one and we then struggle with the emotional and mental consequences as our bodies are confused and do not understand the dilemma.

I hope by reading this, you can possibly think over some of your wants with your needs and make wiser decisions in coming to New Year.

-Written by Jeyran M

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