I need a break!

Do you need a break? From what?

I need a break,
a pause from the magnitude of life
from the soreness of souls
wandering around,
but break from what, you may ask?

from the smell of nostalgia
that reverberates throughout
tingling through the nasals
of memories,
but why a break, you may ask?

A break from the never ending hunt
to achieve success,
scale never-seen heights
or be thrown down the wall
of martyrdom but never be awarded
but why be afraid, you may ask?

Afraid of the tide of time
where you lay afloat
directionless and powerless
playing into the perplexity of nature
that flummoxes even the kindest of kind
but why be wary, you may ask?

Wary, or you may lose yourself
into this abyss called life,
where wisdom and trickery hold hands
and sleep together,
and you need a break to survive that!

by boringbug

4 responses to “I need a break!”

  1. Wow! It’s awesome! By the way, I also plan to publish poems on my website.

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