An Encounter With The Unknown

I kept running. As fast as my legs could take. Breathing heavily, panting, as the shadows swept past by. Something felt wrong, amiss. Something was following me, matching my pace, feet to feet.

It felt like a nightmare. A moment back, I was at the dinner table and a second later I am running for my life. Thundering around in the alley.

Was it a nightmare or I was living it? I knew not except that I had to find a way out. URGENT. I kept looking out for help. Maybe somebody would notice me, but none ever did.

The event took an unexpected turn. My feet started to burn and the thighs gave away. Sweat trickled down my eyebrows blurring my vision. As I raised my hands to wipe it off. It was a dead end.

There was an old wall blocking the way ahead.

I could hear footsteps behind. The pace slowed down as it approached the corner. A deafening silence shrieking in my head. I had to hide SOMEWHERE. SOMEHOW.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I noticed a garbage bin and hid behind it. Covered in darkness, my back to the wall and knees to the ground I sat in silence, but the scent of fear took over me. A chill swept through my veins. It was getting colder. My heart beats betraying me to the fullest.

The footsteps approached. Moving towards the bin. I held my breath, hopeful of going unnoticed. I could hear it, inhumane. The shadow approached the bin and loomed. A sweat bead trickled down and shattered on the floor.

As I flinched my head and ducked further below. Praying to a God I knew not existed. Two hands clasped my neck from behind through the wall.

I could do nothing but shriek in silence.

by boringbug

The said post was originally shared on on May 2019.

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