The Dead Won’t Leave

There’s a dead friend in my closet that no one ever liked.

I know they are still there.

But, I ignore it until someone brings them up again.

I evade the question as if I did not understand them.

As if their bones did not crumble when I touched them.

As if I did not take their soul when I told them.

Guilt falls over me.

I lay awake at 2 a.m.

Sometimes I check to see if they may come back to life,

they are always the same as I left them.

Dead and unchanging,

and everyone praises the day the corpse died.

But, I cannot understand how to feel happy,

without a person in my life.

The loneliness is keeping me company,

like a dead cold corpse, he embraces me.

I don’t know what to do

and I can’t, for my life to stay warm for even a few minutes;

But somehow,

the cold creates a sense of security and I want her to stay.

by Pia Majumdar

Hello everyone, I am Pia Majumdar from- Finally Unchained, and this is my first guest post for Boring Bug.
You can find me here to read more of my content-

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