• The story of Ram

    In the last week of December 2021, I pushed my introverted self to spend some days in the oldest living fort in the world (Jaisalmer Fort). Every day, while walking around the fortress, I would witness this humble soul performing under a tree. There was something captivating about him, humane- eyes so unsure but reeking of kindness, that attracted my attention. He would look at …


  • Returning to the past

    Have you ever wondered how it would feel to return to the past? To revisit every nook and corner of the streets where your memories live by, hiding in the plain sight. Events that you could relive as if they never passed by. This happened yesterday, as I made my visit to the city of Ahmedabad after seven (07) long years. You might remember that …


  • The Diary of a Loner Continued

    Five years back I wrote a piece of heart, from my diary of a loner. Therein, I tried explaining “who is a loner?” Specifically, a loner is a person who happens to be alone and doesn’t associate with other people. It interestingly gathered some attention in the world of blogging. I realised that people assumed the idea of a loner with the idea of someone …


  • The oldest living fort in the world

    At the end of December 2022, a thought came to my mind. It had been 9 months post my return to India and yet I had not ventured on a solo trip. Yes, I had been on a few trips, however, people were befriended en route and the trip resultantly did not turn out solo in the truest of sense. Thus, I packed my bag, …



  • Search for what is yours

    As I sit in the corner of this cafe, sipping my cup of tea, my thoughts waver to the vivid dream of yesterday. The fragments that I can still visualise, call it a blessings of a devil that I can remember, retain, and maneuver myself in the dreams. The colours come back in remembrance, and I am walking behind a figure. Yes, I remember who, …


  • The soul of Pushkar

    As I walked into the train, the eyes of cultural folk met me by the seat. Each wearing a multicoloured turban and carrying a proudly rounded mustache on their face. Little did I realise the spiritual trip I was embarking upon. Pushkar (a city in India) has this magic. It has this enchantment where it can attract and absorb soulful people from across the globe. …