Touched Upon

It had been years. My creative self, hidden, ignored and dusted, solemnly approached, wandered from one thought to another. Waited in anticipation to be touched upon. Yet, here I laid, disillusioned, content with the course my life was embarking upon. Fooling myself with the belief that this was the focused me, aiming to reach for the skies. (c) boringbug Continue reading Touched Upon

I Am Lost In A Metropolitan

As I look around the city, I see abysmal faces. Souls running after nothingness. There are skyscrapers all around, shadowing the sun, the trees, and human desires. The corporate ladders are leading downwards in a spiral while the young minds visibly irate seem lost within. It’s a sorry state of affairs, this metropolitan. A jungle of concrete with no time to spare. Everyday being a … Continue reading I Am Lost In A Metropolitan

Self pity is harmful

Stop drowning yourself in self pity

In this metropolitan city, where technological advancement has made life easier than before, there are a considerable number of people drowning in self pity. Those who are often complaining about their underlying failure or lack of access to opportunity. Constantly blaming the poor stars under which they were born. I was the same. Each day I would submit myself to drowsiness. Complaining. Criticising. Full of … Continue reading Stop drowning yourself in self pity

US Movie Explained – A Saga of Tunnels and Scissors

It was a weird day. We reached the movie theatre hoping for a movie which would thrill us, and delighted we were. For there were posters of the movie “Us”. Marked as an adult horror, and directed by Jordan Peele, renown for his work in ” Get Out “. Little did we know that we were venturing for the never seen before melodramatic zombies. (A … Continue reading US Movie Explained – A Saga of Tunnels and Scissors