Fake news forwards on WhatsApp

This was the year of fake news, vile opinions, turbulence and dark humor in the era of WhatsApp forwards. But what does WhatsApp stand for? WhatsApp is an application messenger acting as a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows its users to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. The name was originally an intended…

The curious cup of a coffee roaster

She deleted her pictures. her numbers, making the chats erstwhile,  yet what did not go away were the reminiscence of a curious cup of a coffee roaster. -boringbug

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings so

“Wake up! It’s afternoon already.” shouted my father, while waking me up. “It has been a month since you graduated. Yet, all you do is sit here and do nothing.  Do you have any ambition in life or all you want to do is sleep?“ Ambition? Did he ask me about my ambitions? Well, youngsters shouldn’t…

A Real Man

“Well let me take you in on a secret,” said the Fool. “You think people are fed up with a guy like that ‘Freak’ who is the epitome of hopelessness. It’s exactly the opposite. People are utterly taken with his careless, slovenly yet genuine ways. So am I !”

Who is an introvert? A shout out

Introverts are typically more reserved and reflective people who prefer solitary activities. They are persons who prefer partying with people they are close to, but in general, they love ‘cancelled parties’. They would never say no to anything you ask them for but will make an honest effort to do the opposite. They are comfortable within…