A Touch Of Darkness

It isn’t always that I post about demons or negativity. In fact, my write-ups barely consist of a tone of darkness. Neither do I post or write to cater to any specific set of audience, nor do I intend to please a set of belief. It is a constant battle to challenge my innate thoughts,…


This post is very close to me. After hearing/reading about the on going rape incidents I, as a women, as a daughter and as a mother feel so terrified to even step out. The irony is, we are left to be caged and the monsters are left out to hunt.
The society we live in, leaves us helpless.

Being Soulless

In this lost lost world We look for some solitude An escape from roles and noise An escape to somewhere like paradise We often wear different masks in mundane We play roles we seldom want to sustain. And then there is a day Where we open the doors Only to set ourself free Physically and…

Stranded at a juncture

I am stranded at a juncture gravitating towards a thought the likeliness of her. ©boringbug


  And suddenly it all seems cold, The fire within untold. The thoughts that took flight, The eyes locked tight. All I wanted, Someone to hold. But my heart there, fleetingly stilled. My hopes I see Lost unwilling killed. ©freak_sneha  

Yours Truly

We all are with a war within. With words or thoughts, With adherence or obligations. And while we are busy, Conflicting and compromising, We forget to be.. “myself”. To the world with humans, Don’t bind to abide, Don’t trespass the space around you, You need to believe, You need to cease, You are your own…