There are some words inside of me, folded in a corner, unknown to others. Keen observation and perception seeing through the gauge of confidence as I see you astray through the waves of my memory. ©boringbug

Seven sisters

Longing ahead, a stride of time, leaping through the seven hills, braving the currents, here I sit on the edge of paradigm. (c)boringbug


There are hopes and dreams speechless talks it may be, not bound by blood, for it’s not a test but revenge of mine in the aftermath. (c)boringbug

MAKEUP — 🦋Seraphic Soul🦋

And as I lay in the dark The monsters keep crawling In my heart In those moments when I have no words to say I bleed with words in dismay. I am no longer audible With my scream that echoes through my brain I am like a rainbow without the rain.But with my makeup, I…


In the seriousnessI looked aroundthe corpses fatiguedin a smileenraged within. (c)boringbug

Light of the day

In the light of the day, in the chirping wind, the dark alleys glow in the warmth of a firefly Noble souls surround me laden in bed, surrounded by dreams of heaven; I reckon, the day it may not the light may still be, for stood surrounded we were in the dancing hallways; as melody…