Yours Truly

We all are with a war within. With words or thoughts, With adherence or obligations. And while we are busy, Conflicting and compromising, We forget to be.. “myself”. To the world with humans, Don’t bind to abide, Don’t trespass the space around you, You need to believe, You need to cease, You are your ownContinue reading “Yours Truly”

A DIARY OF A LONER- Who is a loner and why?

I have been intending to write this post for quite some time. To bring it to the notice of self-proclaimed intellectuals that being a loner does not necessitate a person as a friendless being who has zero following. In a general sense (weirdly), a loner is a person who happens to be alone and doesn’tContinue reading “A DIARY OF A LONER- Who is a loner and why?”