A sparrow

The bird that didn’t fly

It was in the year 1997. The world was a bit laid-back. The struggles real and turmoils active. Cats were yet to rule the world. Media was in frenzy, while the Indian political environment was unfolding. Sachin was still a master blaster, wherein his Sharjah innings were yet to happen. Hockey was still a paramount issue of discussion, and lawn tennis had not seen the … Continue reading The bird that didn’t fly

Words of an auto rickshaw driver

I have been a working professional for the past 2 years. In this small period of time, I have had plenty of experiences, adventurous or not, conversations worth remembering. One such conversation shook me to the core, an advice which I had never received nor thought of. A part of me and a nature of many. Something that happened today. As I hopped on from … Continue reading Words of an auto rickshaw driver

The Grumpy Introvert Cat

WARNING: Who is an introvert? A shout-out.

Introverts are typically more reserved and reflective people who prefer solitary activities. They are persons who prefer partying with people they are close to, but in general, they love ‘cancelled parties’. They would never say no to anything you ask them for but will make an honest effort to do the opposite. They are comfortable within their den and are afraid of addressing large gatherings. They love … Continue reading WARNING: Who is an introvert? A shout-out.