Alcohol and Steroids in UK: to be or not to be

Everyone who dared to take steroids sooner or later wondered if the drugs were compatible with alcoholic beverages. For some it is a matter of life and death, for others it is a matter of principle that they refuse to drink alcohol by taking steroids. The rest of them clearly know what they want and…

The Girl Who Never Was

It was difficult to comprehend. A brilliant student, a tactician and an orator like her were being subjugated to a lifelong homeliness. Albeit, the decision was made. It had to be…

Stranded at a juncture

I am stranded at a juncture gravitating towards a thought the likeliness of her. ©boringbug

Looking back at the boy

I stood at the metro station. Dressed in formals, the attire of a corporate prison, with a group of people gathered outside. They were always there, irrespective of the time and day. A regular routine. Court to office, office to home. I barely remember when was the last time I paused to take a look…

रूह (Soul)

रूह भी तेरी अक्स भी तेरा इल्म भी तेरी रुख ये मेरा जान गवारा राहगुज़र। ©boringbug   Literal translation: The soul is yours so is the shadow, the enmity but directed at me. ©boringbug


Her radiant smile warming the insolent hearts,\ as dust settles. (c)boringbug