I Am Lost In Thoughts

I am lost in the thoughts of existentialism. Clobbering myself with the sense of purpose, achievement, failure(s), and identity. Probably that’s what traveling does to you. A self embibed search, understanding how things transpire, and how we may grow beyond. Yet, when being reminded of the destinations I have been to, and which I aim…


In obscurity remains a soul Oblivious to all. (c)boringbug  


Am I a zombie? Just convince me Is it the same air I breathe? Or am I walking the same path of felt? Excuse me, while I colour the sun dark, I hid my self in murky box. My curiosity here takes a stroll While I am walking lifeless after all. Tell me these dreams…


While I am dancing in my thoughts, To sleep cozy and to sleep long. My body is wrecked, My eyes here, ache to shut. I try to comfort myself to sleep. But my heart is awake my mind strolling around thousands of memories Ah oh ! I am deprived Of sleep again. © Freaksneha ***…


He sat and watched the freckled face, still soundly asleep next to him. Pillowed on the arm of his hands. (c)boringbug


The wedding of the bourgeois to judge and to be judged. Let the west be enchanted. (c)boringbug