How do you explain India?

India boasts of an extraordinaire economic history, where anything you explain about the country, the opposite also stands true.

What Is The Myth Of Middle Class In India?

Whenever I hear Europeans per se the Indian equivalent of western countrymen talking about the Indian middle class’ I often wonder what do they mean? What section of the Indian society are they referring to? Are they referring to the conventional wisdom consisting of the 601 million-odd consumer class, or the few 100 million people with the…

What are Oslo Accords?

The Oslo Accords, between the government of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation, are two agreements primarily consisting of Oslo I Accord signed in Washington D.C. in the year 1993 and Oslo II Accord signed in Taba, Egypt in the year 1995 under the United Nations Security Council Resolutions. Happening to be the first peace…

What is the difference between literacy and education?

Literacy is defined as acquiring the ability to read, write and understand. It is entirely concerned with the art of reading and writing. Whereas education is defined as the systematic process of facilitating learning, receiving, experiencing and/or of acquiring knowledge, skills, values and beliefs to impart instructions and provide an overall development.