Do not react to negative feedback

Whether it be the world of blogging, working from your office, or researching on your college project, we are all exposed to feedback from a reader base. This feedback varies from our performance reviews to solicited or unsolicited advice from friends, mentors or colleagues. However timid it might seem to you, the feedbacks tend toContinue reading “Do not react to negative feedback”

Anecdotes from A Distant Land

Yes, this is a long overdue post. I was afraid either I would blank out and not know what to write or would end up writing a thesis. The blank word document lying open on my laptop was teasing me all along, and I found myself diverted fully into cutting my nails, failing to find theContinue reading “Anecdotes from A Distant Land”

Our Cultural Software and Valentines Day Pragmatism

In a cultural software, where attacking an individualistic mutually approaching romance by the self-appointed moral guardians is a status quo, valentine’s day appears as a way through.

A country obsessed with fairness and fairness cream

“The following article is a rant on a country’s cultural obsession with fair complexion and the forever propelling fairness creams. An instilled commonwealth mind-set ide sync with the concept of beauty. Readers discretion advised.”

The status of antiques in India

The Indian subcontinent has been known for its historical and cultural context. Despite being home to various artifacts dating back centuries, the same remains ignored, un-preserved and neglected. Antiques which are highly valued by the collectors across the world largely remain in a state of neglect in India. The rising demand abroad, the lack ofContinue reading “The status of antiques in India”