What Is The Myth Of Middle Class In India?

Whenever I hear Europeans per se the Indian equivalent of western countrymen talking about the Indian middle class’ I often wonder what do they mean? What section of the Indian society are they referring to? Are they referring to the conventional wisdom consisting of the 601 million-odd consumer class, or the few 100 million people with the…… Continue reading What Is The Myth Of Middle Class In India?

Why India needs sex education?

India is the land of billions. Mystic, majestic, and yet developing. Despite years of repression and exploitation, this country has leapt from the ashes like a phoenix in a mere span of 67 years. A growth instilled by the countless sacrifices of the noble souls which assisted in the upliftment of the downtrodden, only to…… Continue reading Why India needs sex education?

The bird that didn’t fly

It was in the year 1997. The world was a bit laid-back. The struggles real and turmoils active. Cats were yet to rule the world. Media was in frenzy, while the Indian political environment was unfolding. Sachin was still a master blaster, wherein his Sharjah innings were yet to happen. Hockey was still a paramount…… Continue reading The bird that didn’t fly

Demonetization in India

Demonetisation, in simple words, a process of stripping a currency unit of its status as a legal tender, as per recent economic statistics, has turned out to be a regressive step. As most of the observers seem to agree, it was a failure in relative to the costs it imposed on the country and its…… Continue reading Demonetization in India