Words (शब्द)

Burnt to the coretwisted, directed, and anchored, the words remain protected in my thoughts,for they touch your soul not the greed. राख रुखमहफूज़ हैखयालों में,मखमय मेहरूफशब्द है मेरे,मलमय नहीं। ©boringbug

रूह (Soul)

रूह भी तेरी अक्स भी तेरा इल्म भी तेरी रुख ये मेरा जान गवारा राहगुज़र। ©boringbug   Literal translation: The soul is yours so is the shadow, the enmity but directed at me. ©boringbug

एक पत्ता (A leaf)

Many perspectives of innocence, a leaf that flew away. अनेक पहलु नाज़ीज़ के, एक पत्ता जो उड़ चला| -(c) boringbug